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Hotel General Guidelines for guest in Hospitel

In-room facilities

1.WI-FI, Cable TV

2.Trash Bin
Infectious trash (with red bag) a waste that has been touched through mouth and nose such as food box, plastic cutlery, paper bowl, paper napkin, straw, tissue paper, ice cream cup, dental floss, toothpick, used toothbrush, used bar of soap, sanitary napkin, toilet paper.

Food delivery time schedule

Food will be served to your doorstep at the specified time.

– No outside food allowed.
– In case of guest family or relatives bring food to the hotel, must be dried food and pack in one time use box or package. All items from relatives or guest family are asked and examined by hotel staff before delivering with food schedule as above.
– All delivers items are not according to the rules and not deliver on time as per schedule hotel staff have right to reject send to the guest room.

Guest room cleaning

1.The hotel not provide cleaning and laundry service for whole period of stay.
2.If guest require additional room amenities, linen please press “0” to contact hotel staff.
3.19:00 hrs. time to collect infectious trash, guest must keep all trash in red bag tide with rubber band and put in rubbish (square) tray in front of the room before 19:00 hrs.
4.The hotel staff shall collect used linen such as bed sheet, pillowcase, towel (except guest personal cloth) every Wednesday at 17:00 hrs.

Rules and regulations (The details are established by government)

1.Guests are not allowed to smoke, in case not follow the rule, the penalty fee 10,000 THB is automatically apply. If really want to smoke please contact hotel staff.
2.Guests are not allowed to leave the room without permission. In case not follow the rule, the penalty fee 200,000 THB is automatically apply according to Ministry of Defense’s announcement.
3.Guests are not allowed to bring any liquors, alcohol, drugs during the stay.
4.Guests are not allowed to use delivery services from outside.
5.Guests are not allowed to bring fresh food, food without FDA approval, yogurts, or pasteurized milk.
6.Guests are not allowed to bring outside food. In case of guest family or relatives deliver food into a hotel, it must be dried food only.
7.Guests are not allowed to take aspirin on their own. If guests feel sick, must contact the nurse immediately.
8.Guests are not allowed to bring any dangerous objects (sharp objects, weapons, explosives, flammables, Corrosives, poisons, etc.)
9.Guets are not allowed to leave or deliver items to people outside the hotel.
10.Do not gamble in the room if it violates the hotel has the right to take legal action.

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566 Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Patumwan, Bangkok 10330 Bangkok
Tel: +66(0) 2305 6000
Fax: +66(0) 2305 6001

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